Fritz!Box – Namecheap – Dyndns

I just got a Firtz!Box Fon as my new him router. Now it was quite challenging to find a proper dyndns host.

In the early days I used but the services have changed and I feel quite limited with only one free host and paying for more. Further I am not a friend to give my data away to everybody. Therefore I recoiled my unused domain named with

They offer a limited dyndns service for each domain you have. You get one password per domain configured for dynamic DNS update.

Just go to: “Miscellaneous” –> “Dynamic DNS” –> enable

Now you have a password for the update.

But be careful all hosts are updatable with this code !

You password should look like this: madubi29pitulu33mawewo88wafoni14

Now you need to add a subdomain for your registered domain e.g.: fritz with the IP

Now you have everything you need to get the FritzBox updating Namecheap den DNS clients:

  1. URL to update:<username>&domain=<domain>&password=<pass>&ip=<ipaddr>
  2. username = fritz (the subdomain)
  3. domain= (your registered domain at namecheap)
  4. password = madubi29pitulu33mawewo88wafoni14


Add these information on your user defined DynDNS Configuration field and see the IP change from to your home IP.







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