NTP management on windows

Windows has a very different approach to handle NTP timeserver configuration and management.
You can either use the the time configuration panel “internet time” or the “new” cmd command w32tm.


NTP configuration panel windows 7

NTP configuration panel windows 7


Or you use the much more reliable w32tm command:

C:\>w32tm /config /syncfromflags:manual /manualpeerlist:ntp1.ptb.de,ntp2.ptb.de
C:\>w32tm /config /update

This command defines the new selected time sources.
to sync them you have to exectute the following command:

C:\>w32tm /resync

Now your clock should be synchronized immediately.

If the command resync says “time difference too big you can for the resync with:

C:\>w32tm /resync /force


A good NTP server list you can find on Helmut Hullen’s website.

A Microsoft Technet article on w32tm can be found here.

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