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Cisco ASA Firepower call for help

Dear all that you are searching for help to get the ASA firewpower working. You might want to have a look these links: ASA 5505-X / 5508-X Setup FirePOWER Services (for ASDM) How to configure an ASA with built-in Sourcefire…

Netgear Port trunking

In order to get the Ubiquiti running and distribute multiple VLANs to the corresponding SSID I use a Netgear switch and this should do: how-do-i-setup-a-link-between-two-netgear-switches-to-exchange-multiple-vlan setting-up-vlans-between-cisco-%26-netgear-switches Youtube – Netgear Vlan Configuration

flush iptables

How to stop a iptable sbased firewall 😉 Just a reminder for myself … start a screen session before with a sleep qnd the flush commqnd when you test new settings: screen -S reboot # to avoid any problems with…