Cisco ASA Firepower call for help

Dear all that you are searching for help to get the ASA firewpower working. You might want to have a look these links:

ASA 5505-X / 5508-X Setup FirePOWER Services (for ASDM)

How to configure an ASA with built-in Sourcefire Firepower home lab

The combination of Cisco and snort is by far not finished. I spent hours on problems issues and stuff that is not really funny.

I have a Cisco ASA 5506X and a ASA 5515X on hand for testing. the performance differneces are really see able. Updated today toΒ  6.01 (24/03/2016) seems to have brought a huge step forward. lets see πŸ™‚

The biggest discovery is that after two weeks of working on ASAS Firepower it starts to work (somehow).

Compared with other UTMs I inveted a hell of a time more to get to this status.

Fortigate 60D was ruinning almost instantly, Sophos UTM home edition took a little longer. Everything nice and shiny. But as I love challanges I will post some thoughts about my discoveries on this blog πŸ™‚


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