What’s about

What is this page about ??

This page is dedicated to all OneManArmys worldwide.

What is an OneManArmy ?

For me a OneManArmy is the most important person in a project or company. Mostly it is not the boss, the manager or secretary. It is the IT guy … that keeps the system alive, expands and maintaince it.

Very often the IT deparment is underestimated but everybody relys on working IT equipment. No money is spend on additional manpower due to money safe or unavailability.

So to all OneManArmys I am one of you and keep your head up !


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    June 9, 2011 at 11:27

    …the kind of OneManArmy that gets airdropped in the desert (the customer) from a C130? Yeah, I guess every IT project has one of those.

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